Planning & Implementation Grant Documents

  1. 2023 CHP Planning & Implementation Grant Application – Round 28
  2. CHP Planning & Reporting Guidelines (Appendix A)
  3. CHP Proposed Budget Template (Word) CHP Proposed Budget Template (Excel)
  4. CHP Mini-Grant Policy
  5. CHP final budget report (template)
  6. CHP Year-End Report Form
  7. Additional Resources

Coldwater Heritage Partnership Timeline:

The 2023 CHP grant round will take place according to the following schedule:

Application Round Opens: January 2023
Applications Due: March 10, 2023
Grant Awards Announced: Late March/early April 2023
Year- End Status Report Due: December 15, 2023
Final Report & Budget Due: September 30, 2024

Steps to a successful Planning & Implementation grant application:

  1. Complete and submit the grant application. Application may be submitted to Program Director for review prior to official submission.
  2. Wait for notification from Program Director. Official notification letter will be sent to all applicants.
  3. Return signed Assurances document to Program Director. Wait for 90% of grant funds and signed Assurances document.
  4. Host public meeting #1.
  5. Start project work! Remember to take “before” photos.
  6. Submit Year-End Status Report.
  7. Host public meeting #2.
  8. Submit final grant report and/or complete watershed plan no later than 18 months after award has been made.
  9. Wait for remaining 10% of grant funds.