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CountyProject NameYear
AdamsMiddle Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2007
BedfordColdwater Conservation Plan For Rhodes, Ciana, and Ickes Run2003
BedfordPotter Creek2003
BedfordShober's Run Watershed Assesment and Coldwater Conservation Plan2004
BedfordColdwater Assessment and Restoration Plan for Wallacks Branch of Bob's Creek2008
BedfordBobs Creek Stream Restoration - Bedford County2020
BedfordBobs Creek Stream Restoration - Bedford County2022
BerksBobs Creek Stream Restoration - Bedford County2006
BerksWyomissing Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2012
BerksCacoosing Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2018
Berks Stream Habitat Improvements for the West Branch Perkiomen Creek on Longacre Farm Phase I2022
Berks / MontgomeryW. Branch Perkiomen Dam Removal Feasibility Study and Conservation Plan2004
Berks and LehighLittle Lehigh Creek Visual Based Stream Habitat Assessment2006
BlairPlum Creek Restoration Project2013
BlairBells Gap Headwaters: Conserving newly found Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) populations2014
BlairPiney Creek2003
BlairPlum Creek Watershed Assessment and Conservation Plan2007
BucksRiparian Buffer Restoration on Fuller Preserve2015
BucksAquetong Creek Coldwater Heritage Grant2005
BucksCooks Creek Riparian Buffer Restoration2019
BucksCooks Creek Riparian Buffer Restoration2021
CambriaGarmantown Dam Removal2019
CambriaS. Fork of the Little Conemaugh2003
CambriaBrubaker Run Coldwater Conservation Plan Development Project2016
CambriaProtecting Little Paint Creek Watershed2010
CameronHunts Run Coldwater Protection Plan2005
CameronCanoe Run Conservation Plan2007
Centre, ClintonConservation Planning for Wild Trout Tributaries of Beech Creek2006
CentreMuddy Creek Marquardt Farm Phase III2020
CentreMuddy Creek Riparian Restoration2013
CentreThompson Run Habitat Enhancement Project2016
CentreUpper Spring Creek Stream Assessment2005
CentreDeveloping a Conservation Plan for Wallace Run2007
Centre/ClintonFishing Creek and Cedar Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2008
ChesterDetermining Aquatic Connectivity for Wild Trout in the Doe Run Watershed
ChesterPickering Creek Experimental Eel Return2020
ChesterWest Branch Crum Creek Coldwater Habitat Protection2011
ChesterWest Branch of Crum Creek2014
ChesterWest Branch Crum Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2008
ChesterStony Run Revitilization Initiative2009
Clarion/JeffersonCathers Run Watershed Assessment2012
ClearfieldAssessing Aquatic Organism Passage for Native Brook Trout2020
ClearfieldPotts Run Streambank Stabilization and Habitat Improvement Project2015
ClearfieldMontgomery Run Splash Dam Riparian Planting2017
ClearfieldBennett Branch Recommendations developed by the ACOE2020
ClearfieldLick Run Assessment and Conservation Plan2004
ClearfieldSpring & Snyder Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2011
ClearfieldPotts Run Coldwater Conservation & Restoration Plan Development2012
ClearfieldSandy Lick Creek Headwaters Assessment2013
ClearfieldPotts Run Streambank Stabilization & Habitat Improvement Project2014
ClearfieldKratzer Run Assessment and Coldwater Conservation Plan Development Project2016
ClearfieldFinal Report for the Simeling Run Streambank Stabilization Project2022
Clearfield / CambriaRogues Harbor Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2005
Clearfield / CentreMoshannon Creek headwaters Conservation Plan2005
Clearfield/Centre/BlairColdwater and Mine Water Update for Moshannon Creek Watershed
Clearfield, Jefferson, IndianaNorth Branch of Bear Run Watershed Resotration Project2014
Clearfield/ JeffersonIrish Run2011
ClintonBeaverdam Run Habitat Improvement and Sediment Reduction Phase III2022
ClintonLucky 7 Stream Restoration2022
ClintonBeaverdam Run Stabilization/Large Wood Addition Project 2020
ClintonBeaverdam Run Habitat Improvement and Sediment Reduction2017
Clinton and CentreColdwater Heritage Plan for Wolf Run and Eddy Lick Run, Beech Creek Watershed, 2011-20122011
ColumbiaRoaring Creek Conservation Plan, Columbia County2007
ColumbiaBriar Creek Conservation Plan, Columbia County2011
Columbia and SullivanConservation of Coldwater Fishes in Fishing Creek, Columbia and Sullivan Counties2010
CumberlandLetort Spring improvement headwaters to I-81
CumberlandFarner Project, Yellow Breeches Creek2014
CumberlandStream Habitat Improvement on the Yellow Breeches at Wittlinger Nature Preserve2018
CumberlandCedar Run Conservation Plan2004
DauphinA Conservation Plan for South Fork Powell’s Creek2009
DauphinClark Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2010
DauphinManada Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2013
ElkEast Branch Spring Creek Habitat Improvement Project2017
ElkElk Creek Watershed Coldwater Conservation Plan2018
ElkMiddle Fork East Branch Clarion River Coldwater Conservation Plan2018
ElkDirectional Felling (Chop and Drop) in Water Tank Run2022
ElkGallagher Run Fish Habitat Improvement Project2022
ElkMiddle Fork Fish Habitat Improvement Project - Phase 22022
FayetteRasler Run2003
FayetteRamcat Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2008
FayetteGreenlick Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2016
FranklinFalling Springs Branch Stream Restoration and Habitat Enhancement
Franklin & VenangoPithole Creek Assessment & Conservation Planning Project2018
FultonSouth Branch of the Little Aughwick2009
HuntingdonUpper Standing Stone Creek Watershed Coldwater Conservation Plan2020
HuntingdonMiller Run Trout Enhancement Project2011
HuntingdonMiller Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2009
CountyProject NameYear
IndianaCush Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2021
IndianaKeal Run Instream Habitat & AOP Restoration2019
IndianaNorthern Branch of Bear Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2005
IndianaRestoration and Conservation plan for the 7.75 mile HQ_CWF section of Two Lick Creek2005
Indiana & ClearfieldSouth Branch Bear Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2016
JeffersonClear Creek Habitat Improvement Phase I2020
JeffersonClear Creek Habitat Improvement Phase II2021
JeffersonBig Run Coldwater Conservation Plan
JeffersonJohns Run Fish Passage and Habitat Improvement2018
JeffersonColdwater Conservation Plan for Clear Creek; Callen, Pine, and Leeper Runs2017
JuniataWillow Run Watershed Assessment2010
JuniataLost Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan- Phase 12012
LackawannaSweeney Beach Remediation Project2015
LackawannaLeggets Creek Habitat Enhancement and Streambank Stabilization2017
LackawannaLackawanna River (Section 7) Tributaries Study/Plan2013
LackawannaAsh Creek Environmental Monitoring Project2016
Lackawanna and LuzerneNorth Pocono Streams Water Quality Monitoring and and Community Involvement Project2004
Lancaster /LebanonFurnace Run and Segloch Run2003
Lancaster/LebanonPlanning for Hammer Creek Watershed
LawrenceHell Run Watershed Conservation Plan2005
LehighLittle Lehigh Creek Riparian Buffer Shade Tree Project2014
LehighCoplay Creek Restoration Project2015
LehighLittle Lehigh Creek Invasive Plant Removal and Riparian Buffer Implementation2017
LehighLittle Lehigh Creek Fish Habitat and Riparian Buffer Restoration2017
LehighCoplay Creek Watershed Assessment2010
LehighTrout Creek Watershed Assessment2011
Lehigh, Northhampton, BucksSaucon Creek Watershed Coldwater Heritage Partnership Plan2003
LehighLittle Lehigh Creek Riparian Buffer Restoration Project, Spring Creek Road East Segment 2016
LuzerneHuntsville Creek Tibutary Assessment
LuzerneSolomon Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2011
LuzerneShades Creek Conservation Plan 2015
LuzerneAbrahams Creek Coldwater Heritage Conservation Plan Watershed Assessment2017
LuzerneUpper Toby Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2018
LuzerneLaurel Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2015
LuzerneMill and Gardner Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan 2022
LycomingLittle Pine Creek State Park Streambank Stabilization2022
LycomingLarrys Creek Assessment and Cold Water Heritage Plan2010
LycomingStreambank Stabilization along Upper Game Farm (Phase 2)2020
Lycoming/SullivanRock Run Watershed Assessment2015
McKeanSkinner Creek Coldwater Planning Project2018
McKean, Elk and WarrenEast Branch Tionesta Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan 2015
MifflinKish Park Stream Improvement Project2018
MifflinTea Creek Conservation Plan2005
MonroeMonitoring and Modeling Stream Temperature in Paradise Watershed, Monroe, PA2009
MonroeMill Creek & Rattlesnake Creek2019
MontgomeryHosensack Creek Conservation Action Plan2008
MontgomeryStream Habitat Improvements Hosensack Creek, Phase I2019
NorthamptonBushkill Creek Restoration and Habitat Enhancement
NorthamptonRiparian Buffer Installation & Education Project2012
NorthamptonFry's Run Stream Bank Stabilization and Riparian Buffer Project2013
NorthamptonMonocacy Creek Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project2015
NorthamptonEast Branch Saucon Creek Dam Removal2016
NorthamptonSober's Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2004
NorthamptonUpper Bushkill Creek Watershed Coldwater Conservation Plan2007
NorthamptonFry's Run Watershed Conservation Plan2007
NorthamptonWaltz and Greenwalk Creek EV Project2008
NorthamptonHokendauqua Creek Watershed Conservation Plan2010
NorthamptonLittle Bushkill Creek Coldwater Conservation Planning Project2012
Northampton / BucksCook's Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2004
PotterMill Creek Invasive Plant Control2017
PotterAllegheny Headwaters Conservation Plan2013
SchuylkillCold Run Conservation Plan2007
SchuylkillBeaver Creek Conservation Plan2009
SchuylkillBig Creek Conservation Plan2012
Schuylkill and BerksNorthkill Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2004
SomersetShade Creek Headwaters Alkaline Addition2022
SomersetNorth Fork of Bens Creek Buffer Project2016
SomersetLaurel Run Watershed Assessment2006
SomersetClear Shade Coldwater Heritage Conservation Project2006
SomersetWhites Creek Watershed Coldwater Conservation Plan2011
SomersetBeaverdam Run Coldwater Conservation and Management Plan2012
SomersetThe North Fork of Bens Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2012
Somerset, CambriaBens Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2021
SusquehannaStarrucca Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2021
TiogaBlue Run Streambank Stabilization and Fish Habitat Improvement Project2022
Tioga, Potter, LycomingPine Creek Headwaters Thermal Refuge, Climate, and Invasive Prioritization Project2017
Venango and MercerHealthy Plans for the Williams Run Watershed2006
VenangoBullion Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2017
WarrenFarnsworth Branch Coldwater Conservation Plan2020
WarrenMorrison Run Restoration Project2013
WarrenBrowns Run Habitatimprovement Project2017
WarrenSpring Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan2006
WarrenAssessment of the Browns Run Watershed2008
WestmorelandTubmill Creek Henry Neiport Farm Habitat Improvement Phase I2021
WestmorelandMill Creek Stream Restotation & Trout Habitat Reconnection2011
WestmorelandEleanor Clark Farm- Phase I- The Pines2017
WestmorelandHendricks Creek Florek Farm Phase 1&22019
WestmorelandMill Run Coldwater Conservation Plan2004
WestmorelandMacroinvertebrage Monitoring Program2004
WestmorelandTubmill Creek Assessment2007
WyomingAquatic Organism Habitat Improvement - Beaver Run2018