Pennsylvania’s Unassessed Waters Initiative Volunteer Program.

The Pennsylvania Unassessed Waters Initiative is a program established to evaluate unassessed streams throughout the Commonwealth in an effort to protect wild trout populations.

For information on the Unassessed Waters Initiative please see click here.

In 2013, a pilot program was conducted with the Allegheny Mountain and Susquehanna Chapters of Trout Unlimited to obtain public knowledge in an effort to locate wild trout. Volunteers from the pilot areas provided information on local streams where they had knowledge of wild trout presence. These sites were then prioritized by the PA Fish and Boat Commission so that official fish surveys could be completed and streams could be added to the wild trout list and protected for future generations.

Anyone is eligible to participate in the program, but is encourage to work with one of the partnering organizations to collect data. If you know of streams in your area that are unassessed and contain wild trout please contact one of the partnering organizations below or program contacts found at the bottom of the page.

Chapters participating in 2015
 Tulpehoken Chapter of Trout Unlimited

If your organization is interested in getting involved in this program please contact Aiden Simpson, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy or Bob Weber, PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Small trout stream